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Learning Objective

Understand the concepts regarding the high-velocity nature of the digital enterprise, including the demands it places on IT:

  • Learn when the transformation to high-velocity IT is desirable and feasible
  • Understand the digital product life cycle in terms of the ITIL “operating model“
  • Understand the importance of the ITIL guiding principles and the other fundamental concepts for delivering high-velocity IT
  • Discover how to contribute to achieving value with digital products
  • Learn how the service provider ensures valuable investments are achieved
  • Learn how the service provider ensures fast deployment is achieved
  • Learn how the service provider ensures resilient operations are achieved
  • Learn how the service provider ensures co-created value is achieving
  • Learn how the service provider ensures assured conformance is achieved
  • Prepare to exam ITIL Specialist – High Velocity IT Certificate
Training Contents


For this course you are required to have successfully attained your ITIL 4 Foundation certificate. You will need to provide us with a copy of your certificate upon registration in order to be admitted into this course.

Exam & Certification

  • The exam is administered by PeopleCert. Candidate must learn at Accredited ITIL Training Provider with Accredited ITIL Trainer.
  • The exam is 90 minutes in duration, includes 40 multiple-choice questions and is administered online by an independent examination body.
  • A passing mark of 70% is required to receive your certificate. An exam review is included in the course to help prepare attendees for the final exam.
  • You will attain 18 professional development units (PDUs) for Project Managers.

Training contents

Module 1: Introduction to ITIL 4

  • Providers and consumers co-create value
  • Service consumer roles
  • Service offering
  • Service providers are also service consumer
  • The ITIL guiding principles
  • The four dimensions of service management
  • The ITIL service value system
  • The ITIL service value chain
  • Continual improvement model

Module 2: Introduction to high veloclity IT value

  • Digital organization
  • High velocity IT
  • Digital transformation
  • IT transformation
  • Valuable investments
  • Fast development
  • Resilient operations
  • Co-created value
  • Assured conformance

Module 3: Digital Product Lifecycle And ITIL Operating Model

  • The four dimensions of service management
  • The ITIL service value system
  • The service value chain
  • The digital product lifecycle

Module 4: Principles and fundamental concepts for delivering high- velocity IT

  • Ethics
  • Safety culture
  • Lean culture
  • Toyota kata
  • Lean / Agile / Resilient / Continuous
  • Service dominant logic
  • Design thinking
  • Complexity thinking

Module 5: Achieving valuable investment with digital products

  • Ensures valuable investments are achieved.
  • Prioritization techniques
  • Minimum viable products and services
  • Product or service ownership
  • A/B testing
  • Business analysis management
  • Relationship management

Module 6: Fast development with digital product

  • The service provider ensures fast development is achieved
  • Infrastructure as code
  • Loosely – coupled information system architecture
  • Reviews
  • Continual business analysis
  • Continuous integration/ continuous delivery
  • Continuous testing
  • Kanban
  • Architecture management
  • Business analysis
  • Deployment management
  • Service validation and testing
  • Software development and management

Module 7: Resilient operations with digital product

  • The service provider ensures resilient operations are achieved
  • Technical debt
  • Chaos engineering
  • Definition of Done
  • Version control
  • ChatOps
  • Site reliability engineering (SRE)
  • Availability management
  • Capacity and performance management
  • Monitoring and event management
  • Problem management
  • Service continuity management
  • Infrastructure and platform management

Module 8: Achieving co-created value is with the service consumer

  • The service provider ensures co-created value is achieved
  • Service experience
  • Relationship management
  • Service design
  • Service desk

Module 9: Assured conformance with digital product

  • The service provider ensures assured conformance is achieved
  • DevOps Audits Defense Toolkit
  • DevSecOps
  • Peer review
  • Information security management
  • Risk management
Target Participant
  • All IT Professionals
  • IS/IT Manager
  • IT Service Manager
  • Change Manager, Delivery Manager, MIS Manager
  • IT Project Manager
  • IT Architect, System Architect, Enterprise Architect
  • Business Process Analyst, Business Analyst
  • Service Desk Manager, IT Operation Manager
  • IT Director, Head of IT
  • ITSM Consultants
  • IT Staffs, IT Supervisor, Service Desk, IT Engineers, Application Developer, DevOps, IT Auditor, and other IT-related positions
  • Anyone seeking ITIL Specialist – High Velocity IT Certification and everyone interested in aligning IT with business, controlling or reducing IT costs, improving IT service quality, and balancing IT resources in the most effective manner.
Key Highlights

Class training methods Training Methods1Values

  • CUSTOMISED: Our tailor-made solutions are in line with your business goals, drawing on best practices and proven approaches
  • RESULT-ORIENTED: Our primary objective is the enhancement of business results through continuous evaluation for maintaining focus and accountability
  • COST-EFFECTIVE: Our customized and simple solutions are highly cost-effective
  • TARGETED: We use a combination of approaches and techniques to meet the objectives of our individual clients and organizational needs
  • PROCESS-ORIENTED: Our training programs are process focused, not process bound. We apply standard tools for process streamlining
  • IMPROVEMENT FOCUSED: Our techniques involve robust evaluation, open and honest communication and on-going process upgrading for continuous improvement.
  • IMPACTFUL: Our experts leverage powerful solutions that can deliver the right impetus to your business
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