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About CMMI

Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a process improvement approach that provides organizations with the essential elements of effective processes to improve their performance  through lowered  cost of production, delivery and sourcing. CMMI-based process improvement includes identifying your organization’s process strengths and weaknesses and making process changes to turn weaknesses into strengths. It is so far the best model the industry has to offer for software process improvement.

CMMI is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University.

CMMI is not a framework, but a model for organizational improvement. CMMI models are collections of best practices that help organizations improve each step in the entire life cycle of software engineering while maintaining a focus on the activities of a service provider. CMMI covers conceptualization to maintenance and disposal.


CMMI Development (CMMI-DEV)

Companies that develop software products and services need a systematic way of managing their activities. Complex software applications need to be built through processes that involve effective engineering and management practices. These institutionalized methods ensure the predictability of outcomes. They are the best insurance against fluctuations in operations like missed schedules, cost overruns, dissatisfied users and deficient applications.

CMMI-DEV provides a holistic approach to software development and maintenance.

It is applicable to any organization involved in development and maintenance of product. Typical companies would be:

  • Software Development organizations
  • Product Development organizations
  • Hardware & Automobile organizations

CMMI Services (CMMI-SRC) 

Technology is now deeply integrated into business and industry. Entire companies now provide services hinged on software applications. Like any other business, companies that offer such services need to manage, track and improve their performance. CMMI-SVC offers an approach that blends the nuances of software engineering with service provision.

CMMI-SVC provides a holistic approach to service delivery.

It is applicable to any organization involved in providing IT services. Typical companies would include:

  • Companies providing IT enabled services
  • Non voice BPOs, Call centers
  • Knowledge Process Outsourcing companies
  • IT Shared services

CMMI Maturity Model

CMMI Maturity model provides a way to characterize an organization’s performance following an evolutionary improvement path from immature to a mature discipline. Each maturity level matures an important subset of the organization’s processes, preparing it to move to the next maturity level. There are five levels of maturity as defined for measuring the adherence to the general and specific goals under the CMMI framework.


How does CMMI Model help?

Provides a framework from which to organize and prioritize process improvement activities (product, business, people, technology)

  • Supports the coordination of multi-disciplined activities that may be required to successfully build a product / provide services.
  • Emphasizes the alignment of process improvement efforts objectives with organizational business objectives
  • Gain customer confidence & credibility
  • Reduce cost and achieve greater productivity
  • Explore global markets & gain competitive edge

The services we offer:

CMMI Consulting

  • Provides end to end CMMI (SVC & DEV) consulting services in order to implement a rigorous and viable management system focusing on:

– Gap Assessment to determine company’s current state of performance
– Customized consulting solution aligning processes to business needs
– Implementing best practices to meet the CMMI appraisal requirements
– Readiness for SCAMPI Appraisal

SCAMPI Appraisals

  • Provide assessment services to measure and certify the maturity of an organization’s processes against SEI’s (Software Engineering Institute) CMM® Integrated (CMMI®).
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