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After more than 15 years, taking the managering role at a foreign company specializing in providing IT solutions, I have had the opportunity to work with professionals, managers and senior managers in the IT department at leading corporations in Asia and large companies in Vietnam.

Mr. Tran Cong Cao – Co-founder, CEO of Apex Global

I realized one thing, IT person in Vietnam have strong technical capabilities that are not inferior to those in the region. But the management capacity and the supply of all-rounded solution of IT person are quite limited. I made a small comparison in the process of working and felt that: “At the age of 25, a technician in Vietnam and Singapore can be equal in capacity. But at the age of 35, an IT Managers in Singapore is superior in capacity compared to the same level in Vietnam. And most IT Managers in Vietnam must report directly to a manager in Singapore. Besides the ability to create an overall IT solution, Singaporeans are much better than Vietnamese people in the same position. Why is this different?

I would like to share a few small points of superiority in Singaporean capacity: Have thinking about building a management system; Large problem solving capability is equipped; The ability to apply best practices in the world; and Outstanding communication ability;

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the major partners and through intensive projects. Some other questions prompted me:

“What are the important factors that create a competitive advantage for Vietnamese businesses in digital transformation?” That is IT

“To have a solid IT system, where to start?” It is human resource factor, and important is the IT management position. Because the person who is in charge of management is responsible for creating breakthrough solutions that help raise the operational capacity of the system on the IT platform.

“What do we need to do to enhance the capacity of IT Managers?” I started to look for answers from 2014.

I share my concerns with some friends who are taking on IT management positions at multinational corporations. Fortunately, they have the same opinion as me, which further motivates me to pioneer the Vietnamese IT Manager to improve management capacity.

I have collaborated with professional IT management experts to develop training methods that focus on “learning to do”. I work with leading IT organizations around the world to transfer the knowledges from best practices.

Apex Global was founded from the end of 2015. A company specializing in providing IT management training services with outstanding quality. We focus on transferring advanced IT management methods around the world and help learners apply advanced management methods to improve the quality of daily work.

After three years of operation, we have helped corporations, large companies, government organizations improve their team capacity such as: VNPT Group, Viettel Group, World Mobile Group, Central Group Vietnam, VP Bank, Vietcombank, Renesas, VNG, CBA Bank, HSBC, Ministry of Finance, State Treasury, etc. Our training courses always receive a response rate greater than 50% on the rank of “Excellent”. This is the encouragement, the urging of Apex Global’s team to continue to make efforts to create outstanding learning experience.

In 2018, we for the first time successfully organized a successful ITIL Expert Program. The program has successfully trained and provided Vietnamese labor market 8 ITIL Expert. This is also the first time that a Vietnamese training center has the capacity to train this prestigious certification system. This speaks of the pioneer that we aim to be “The Pioneer in IT Management Coaching”.

Myself and the experts of Apex Global have been participating in sharing but continuing knowledge in terms of practice to the profession, motivating managers to change and approach progress. And get positive feedback from the members of the communities, such as typical facebook communities such as CIO Vietnam, IT Leader Club, Agile Vietnam, Vietnam Business Analyst Community, PMP Community.

I continue my mission. Please help me convey the message to IT managers who want to develop their capacity to succeed. Please help me convey the message to IT managers who want to develop themselves to be outstanding.

Best regards,
Mr. Tran Cong Cao – Co-founder, CEO of Apex Global