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Learning Objective

You will learn how to:

  • Understanding the important of Service Desk to build IT Department’s image with customer
  • Apply best practice teamwork to build the team
  • Apply best practice communication techniques to connect with your customer
  • Choose and apply techniques that create customer loyalty and exceed expectations
  • Respond positively and constructively to customer problems
Training Contents

Module 1: Introduction to IT Support Service

  • The evolution of Information Technology
  • The evolution of IT Service Desk
  • The Successful IT support components
  • The Information technology driven
  • Introduction to Customer Service

Module 2: Service Desk Professional

  • Service Desk functions
  • Service Desk objectives
  • Service Desk benefits
  • Service Desk organization structures
  • Service Desk Roles and Responsibilities
  • Service Desk required skills
  • Service Desk staffing
  • Measuring Service Desk performance
  • Outsourcing the Service Desk
  • Cost center versus Profit center
  • Service Desk consideration factors

Module 3: Effective Service Desk Teamwork

  • Characteristics of a successful team
  • Building a solid team with Tuckman model
  • Managing conflict in a team
  • Understanding your role in the Service Desk
  • Contributing to team goals
  • Communicating effectively in a team

Module 4: Professional Telephone Skills

  • Intoduction to power of Telephone
  • Common Telephone technologies
  • Handling calls professionally from start to finish
  • Knowing when and how to transfer calls
  • Fine turning your telephone skills

Module 5: Effective Listening and Communication Skills

  • Being an active listener
  • Knowing what to listen for
  • Communicating with customers
  • Tone of voice
  • Understanding customer communication styles

Module 6: Managing Difficult Customer Situations

  • Handling difficult customer situations
  • Winning over difficult customers
  • Calming irate customers
  • Keeping yourself in control
  • Stress management techniques

Module 7: Solving and Preventing Incidents and Problems

  • Introducing to solve incidents & problems process
  • Gathering the data to create Information
  • Diagnosis the Incident
  • Asking Questions
  • Simulating the Customer’s Actions
  • Using Diagnostic Tools
  • Developing and Executing a Course of Action
  • Taking Incident Owner Responsibilities



Target Participant

This course is intended for those as below:

  • Service Desk Staff
  • IT Helpdesk Staff
  • Customer Service Staff
  • Technical Support
  • Front-line or Support Staff
  • Service Desk Supervisor
  • Service Desk Team Leader
  • IT Operation Manager
  • Service Desk Manager
  • Any IT Staff who would like improve the customer service competency
Key Highlights

Class training methods
Training Methods1Values

  • CUSTOMISED: Our tailor-made solutions are in line with your business goals, drawing on best practices and proven approaches
  • RESULT-ORIENTED: Our primary objective is the enhancement of business results through continuous evaluation for maintaining focus and accountability
  • COST-EFFECTIVE: Our customized and simple solutions are highly cost-effective
  • TARGETED: We use a combination of approaches and techniques to meet the objectives of our individual clients and organizational needs
  • PROCESS-ORIENTED: Our training programs are process focused, not process bound. We apply standard tools for process streamlining
  • IMPROVEMENT FOCUSED: Our techniques involve robust evaluation, open and honest communication and on-going process upgrading for continuous improvement.
  • IMPACTFUL: Our experts leverage powerful solutions that can deliver the right impetus to your business
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