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Learning Objective
  • Understanding of the function of product management hand how to engage and collaborate effective
  • Understanding how to perform forecasting to deriving market share
  • Establish and verify market segments with target customer of product
  • Practice the formulate product strategy to define the value proposition of product
  • Practice design thinking principles to quickly validate ideas
  • Using decision matrix to prioritize product requirement
  • Practice how to collaborate with marketing department to develop makerting plan for product and measure
  • Understanding how to executive the post-launch performance management
  • Understanding how to manage the product portfolio effective 
  • Understanding how to organizing and transforming the product management team in an organization
  • Practical the tools, techniques need to apply to a real product at an enterprise
Training Contents

Module 1: Context for Product Management & Customer

  • Understanding of the function of product management
  • Clarify the role of the product manager as business manager and leader
  • Establish and verify market segments
  • Determine or validate customer needs
  • Construct personas and user models
  • Forecasting for the Product Manager to Deriving Market Share
  • Learn how to leverage the Product Management Life Cycle model

Module 2: Product Strategy Formulation & Product Planning

  • Leverage a simple model to formulate product strategy
  • Uncover strategic opportunities with Technique
  • Develop a value proposition and position the opportunity
  • Leverage design thinking principles to quickly validate ideas
  • Integrating Functional Support Plans into Product Plan 
  • Planning to Monitor the Future Performance of the Product
  • Characterize the product definition with requirements or user stories
  • Decision Matrix to Prioritize Requirements 

Module 3: Advanced the Marketing Plan for the Product 

  • The Marketing Organization’s Relationship to the Product Team 
  • How to Product Manager Collaborate Effective with Marketing Department
  • Strategic Context for the Marketing Plan
  • The Marketing Mix – Strategies and Tactics 
  • Makerting Measurements and Metrics 

Module 4: Oversight of Development & Launching

  • Guide the product team during development
  • Reprioritze when there are more features to develop than resources
  • Operate in a waterfall and an agile environment
  • Assess prior launch performance
  • Plan the launch or release

Module 5: Post-Launch Performance Management

  • Assess life cycle state using data and analytics
  • Evaluate financial and other contributions to track performance
  • Develop a product dashboard as business instrumentation
  • Leverage the marketing mix model as a tool to update strategies
  • Consider the factors of product discontinuation

Module 6: Life Cycle Product Portfolio Management

  • What Is Life Cycle Product Portfolio Management?
  • A Life Cycle Product Portfolio Model 
  • Create Your Own Product Portfolio Model 
  • Portfolio Decision Making 

Module 7: Organizing & Transforming the Product Management

  • Getting Organized the Product Management
  • Leading Product Management 
  • Transforming the Organization 
  • Staffing Strategies for Product Managers
  • Ensuring Ongoing Professional Development of Product Managers
Target Participant
  • Product Manager
  • Head of Innovation Center
  • Head of Product, Product Director
  • Chief Product Officer
  • Chief Platform Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Business Analysis Manager
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Head of UX
  • Program Manager
  • Head of Digital
  • Who want to become a Professional Product Manager or involve to to Product Management to support Product Manager.
Key Highlights

Class training methods
Training Methods1Values

  • CUSTOMISED: Our tailor-made solutions are in line with your business goals, drawing on best practices and proven approaches
  • RESULT-ORIENTED: Our primary objective is the enhancement of business results through continuous evaluation for maintaining focus and accountability
  • COST-EFFECTIVE: Our customized and simple solutions are highly cost-effective
  • TARGETED: We use a combination of approaches and techniques to meet the objectives of our individual clients and organizational needs
  • PROCESS-ORIENTED: Our training programs are process focused, not process bound. We apply standard tools for process streamlining
  • IMPROVEMENT FOCUSED: Our techniques involve robust evaluation, open and honest communication and on-going process upgrading for continuous improvement.
  • IMPACTFUL: Our experts leverage powerful solutions that can deliver the right impetus to your business
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